Are you someone who wants to donate to a good cause but isn’t sure where to start? Are you dedicated to helping children in need around the world? Maybe you’ve searched far and wide, found a worthy cause to donate to, but are worried it may not be a legitimate operation? Unfortunately, there are so many scams these days that it can make it challenging to know which charities are genuine. So, how do you know your hard-earned money will truly go toward helping children in need? That’s where Agape 4 People comes in.

“Agape” means love, and we love people. We began Agape 4 People with a simple goal in mind; we wanted to provide a reliable way to vet overseas orphanages so you can rest assured your donations are being used for a good cause. Here at Agape 4 People, you’ll find a wealth of information on orphanages and charities throughout the world. Our website only features orphanages that have been investigated by our volunteers and passed a rigorous set of standards.

Our volunteers work tirelessly to vet these orphanages thoroughly, so you can feel confident that your hard-earned money is going to an actual orphanage that takes care of real children in need. You’ll also find specific information regarding what those orphanages need most, whether it be medical supplies, food, or clean linens. Are you interested in helping out with more than just a donation? Get involved! We are always looking for new volunteers!

Welcome to Agape 4 People. Let’s make a real difference in the world together.